Tuesday, March 02, 2004

taking it on the chin...

okay, so i got sucker-punched by bryan for not updating my blog more frequently, and my answer is this...i have a real job. so there.

that being said, here are a few little tidbits until i can come up with something really interesting to say.

-- taxes suck. i just finished mine, and goddam local tax in maryland just ate half my federal refund. AND, someone told me today that they read in a magazine that maryland has the ugliest population in the country. to be fair, florida had the stupidest population, and i think that is worse.

-- i regret to say that i watched the finale of average joe...it started out innocently - i started watching the show halfway through when i realized that a person i knew from my cleveland days came on as one of the "hunks" who also happened to be a jackass, and i really only wanted to watch until he got kicked off. but the part of me that requires completion in all things couldn't leave it alone. it also sucked. see bryan's blog for the whole recap. i agree wholeheartedly with all his conclusions and i would add only that my first thought when she revealed the "shocking secret" was "who's fabio?"

-- i got to see the chihuly exhibit in columbus this weekend, and also got to see leno tagliapietra's work at the columbus art museum. glass is beautiful.

-- golfers are big freaking babies. i watched the match play between tiger woods and davis love III with my dad this weekend. if it wasn't tiger complaining that people were TAKING PICTURES of him (the nerve), it was davis love having a fan ejected for chanting "no love" during the match (which he deserved, as he was sucking terribly). i like to think that for prize money of $1.2 million and $700,000 respectively, they ought to be able to play through some heckling.

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