Wednesday, August 27, 2003

time for a new post...

i'm reading george stephanopoulos' book about the clinton administration call "all too human: a political education" which is unbelievably interesting. it actually reads like a novel. and an episode of west wing. somewhere in the middle. but its a very interesting look at the inside of clinton's politics (and it may get into the other stuff too, i just haven't gotten there yet). thus far, it has brought me to the same conclusion i felt at the time...clinton was a good president. he may have been a crappy person, and a shitbag for a husband, but as a president - he did some good, or at least he tried to. and i really do believe that. he was certainly a politician, and he was very good at the game of politics, but i suspect (and like i said, i'm not to this point in the book yet), his lie to the country was more the result of poor counseling on the political "spin" of things than an actual malicious witholding of information. but we'll see.

i'll keep you posted (no pun intended)...

Friday, August 08, 2003


*going to columbus for the start of my vacation, and this time i'm flying, but last weekend i was driving, and i noticed so many little driving idiosyncracies that i have. i talk to the other drivers quite a bit. i say things like "are we carting rocks in our trunk, mister mazda protoge? then MOVE OVER." and "the left lane is not a good place to live. try the suburbs."

*arnold schwartznegger running for governor of california. are we kidding here? he's not even a very good actor. if california elects him, then they deserve him. so there.

*books. i have tons of unread books in my apartment (mostly because i really enjoy buying books as much as i enjoy reading them) but this week i went to the public library and took out yet more books to read. i'm actually getting through these, though. i love places with lots of books. i almost passed out from happiness at the library.

*playstation. once i start, i just can't stop. i feel that, normally, i don't have the world's best attention span. but put me in front of tetris, and it seems that moving little blocks into larger squares and getting rid of lines can hold my attention indefinitely. i usually stop when my thumbs start to hurt. what do you suppose tetris says about my personality?