Tuesday, July 29, 2003


it never ceases to amaze me how many people leave a "wrong number" message on my answering machine. since i've lived here (almost 4 months) i've gotten about 15 messages on my answering machine from people looking for peaches, jerry, angie, mike, and jimbo. just so that you understand what's happening here, you should know that the outgoing message on my answering machine is, literally, "hi, this is emily, leave a message." not only do people not realize that they are dialing the wrong number, but when they hear this message, they STILL proceed to leave a message for peaches, jerry, angie, mike, or jimbo. on one day, i actually got 3 separate wrong number messages. i've even called the machine myself to make sure that the outgoing message doesn't mistakenly give the impression that i am peaches, jerry, angie, mike, or jimbo - it doesn't.

by the way, don't take this post as an invitation to start calling me and saying "this is peaches/jerry/angie/mike/jimbo - have there been any messages for me?

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

another casualty...

awhile back, i did a post about my unique ability to make things that are electronic inexplicably stop working. i'm very sad to report that there has been another death in the electronics family. the tivo, which brought me such joy not so long ago, decided yesterday to succumb early on in its life to the supernatural forces surrounding, namely, my own touch. (does this mean it died of "supernatural causes"?)

at any rate, the tivo is now sitting like a plastic piece of nothing on my living room floor, awaiting the exchange process, so that the new tivo can come in and take over. the only good thing about this situation is that i seem to only break things once. of course, the criteria for breaking it is that
1) i have to use it all the time,
2) it must be really expensive to begin with, and
3) it must be a complete hassle to go the process of getting it fixed.

optional characteristics include
1) it is outside of the warranty period
2) the tech support person says "huh. we've never had THAT happen before"

all i can say is, they should have put ME in the matrix. i could have f***ed that stuff up right from the start.

Sunday, July 20, 2003

things that make me happy....

* my new TiVo...not watching commercials rocks. that's all that needs to be said.
* "friends"...just watching joey's eyebrows emote is enough to make me smile, even on my worst day. and season 4 just came out on DVD...good times.
* "Autobiography of a Fat Bride" by Laurie Notaro - I'm only halfway through this book and it has made me laugh out loud no less than 5 times so far.
* this summer - thus far, not ungodly hot, but with multiple very nice days in the last couple of weeks...i mean, sure, it's rained a lot, but its the middle of july and the door to my balcony is open and i'm not sweating.
* the ghoul in my toilet. it makes random noises when it feels like it. the maintenance people for my apartment came to fix it, and it seemed to be fixed for several days - but i think the ghoul was just hanging out in my washing machine for awhile until the coast was clear. we're becoming friends.

things that make me unhappy....

* this article...i hate george bush.
* people who ask me "what do you think of the Atkins' diet?" - please. quick weight loss that lasts forever - wouldn't we all be really skinny if it worked?
* bills. does this really need explanation?
* junk email...it's completely inevitable, one of the only sure things in this world. it WILL be there when you check your email, there's just no getting around it.