Sunday, June 22, 2003

murphy's law...

saturday was the release date for harry potter and the order of the pheonix. i love the harry potter series, and have been on the pre-order list from amazon for several months (though not quite as long as lo). amazon had a "deal" where you could pre-order the book and have guaranteed delivery on the date of release. my sister opted for this as well, and ended up having her copy of the book sent to my apartment. we waited. and waited. and waited some more. it wasn't as bad for me, i had to work, but my poor sister sat in my apartment literally all day waiting for the books to be delivered (because, of course, the deal is off if you aren't there to sign for it). the shipping info said it would be there by 8pm. at this point, i left to go to the store for a few items...and lo and behold, there is a stack of harry potter books for a price that was less than the "deal" from amazon. since our copies hadn't arrived yet, i picked up two of them and took them home.

and, about 5 minutes after i walked in the door, the fed ex person showed up bearing two copies of the book. so now i have two. and so does my sister. does anyone need one?

here are the pics - note laura demonstrating both frustration and joy...

Lo joy.JPG
Lo mad.JPG

Thursday, June 12, 2003

never happy

don't you think its funny that humans are never completely comfortable? there's always something that could change (the only exception to this rule is laying on my couch in the living room watching friends and eating yummy food...)

it finally stopped raining here in baltimore for, like, a day. and it got hot that day. and all i heard about at work was how hot it was and how we needed more rain to cool things off. i was thinking - are you people crazy? it rained for a whole month (and i'm pretty sure i'm not exaggerating this)...then one nice, albeit slightly warm, day and everyone's panties are in a bunch.

the same thing is true with standing and sitting. after you have been standing for awhile, nothing looks better than a chair to plop down in. but sit around for a good hour, and you'll be dying to stretch your legs. its crazy. and it reminds me of something i read in a biology textbook once. it was something like "the human body must always be at a disequilibrium in order to perform functions. a body that has reached complete equilibrium is dead." ironic, isn't it? we search for comfort and the only time we physiologically find it is when we die.

and sadly, the date with the guy from work will likely be a one-time thing. he wasn't as interested in me as i was in him. butt munch.

Monday, June 09, 2003

long time coming...
okay, its been awhile since i've blogged. and frankly, i would like to say that it is because i was SOOO busy and just couldn't find the time, but that's not true. i would like to say its because i was moving/starting new job/etc (a la Lo). but that's also not true. and, i would like to pretend that a hacker ruined my page, thus rendering it essentially impossible to post (a la Bryan). but, alas, still not true. i just didn't have anything interesting/funny/insightful to say.

and i still don't (aww, you were getting excited, weren't you?). but there is news. for those of you who have been keeping the fingers and toes crossed that the guy from work would ask me out - thank you. your crossing has worked, and we are finally going out tonight. now, in order to give credit where credit it due, i have to acknowledge my sister, my father, my mother (for kicking me in the ass to get things moving), and finally my friend monica - for literally helping me when my motor skills failed me.

now, go back to crossing those fingers and toes that we'll have fun and he'll ask me out AGAIN...