Wednesday, April 30, 2003

whenever you put a bunch of dietitians in a room together and try to feed them funny things happen...

first, everyone only seems to eat about half of whatever they take. this include sandwiches that are already cut in half, muffins, bagels, etc. there are several exceptions to this rule, including bowls of mixed fruit and salad (though they use only half of the little dressing packet).

then, everyone goes back to the food source approximately 4 times to get more things that they only eat half of - like cookies, pieces of cake/pie, more fruit, potato chips, pretzels, etc. if they would just eat everything they took the first time, they probably wouldn't need to go back. at least, they would need to go back only 2 times instead of 4 or something like that.

they also spend a lot of time saying things like "i haven't had chocolate chip cookies in months" which you know is a complete lie, and "i have the best recipe for fat free, low salt, low cholesterol tuna salad" which unfortunately is probably true.

the funny thing is, everyone seems to wait to see what all the other dietitians are going to do before they choose their own this going to be a group that follows the Food Guide Pyramid at lunch? or is this a group the enjoys cookies and other fun things at lunch?

i will be away from blogging for about a week as i have to send my computer in for repairs :( please do come back soon! i promise to be more regular in my blogging!

Sunday, April 27, 2003

ok, ok...after a seriously harsh comment from my sister :(

whew, what a week. the new job is good - coworkers are definitely cool (and i'm not just saying that - they don't even know i have a blog), apartment is good, and had a really fun night at a birthday party last night. it was actually in the style of a "roast" which always makes me picture the person in question on a big stick with an apple in his mouth turning over and over to get the nice rotisserie (sp?) taste. but its not that literal. for those of you who don't know what a roast is, its basically a party where people get up and tell embarassing stories about the guest of honor. last night's was particularly fun, because the guest of honor is a guy who quite enjoys laughing at himself, so there were no barriers. and there were some funny stories.

it made me think of what stories people could tell about me if i were to be roasted. (and bear in mind, i am only 24 - the guest of honor last night was 65!) there were far too many. here are a few that come to mind:

- my first experience backing the car out of the driveway...i won't give all the details (though my brother and sister probably will in the comments - stay tuned) but let's just say that i ended up in the front yard - twice.
- my first week of sixth grade, where i tried to sneak into the auditorium and ended up falling on my face with everyone looking at me.
- sophomore year of college on the WORST DAY OF MY LIFE (up to that point) - falling down in the middle of Adelbert Road, ripping my favorite jeans and literally stopping traffic in the process (emphasis added for my father who is laughing his ass off as he reads this - he found this one particularly humorous)

so what are yours?

Monday, April 21, 2003

so today was my first day of first day in the "real world" if you will. can i just say - holy shit. i didn't realize that the real world came with so much paperwork. i spent most of the morning filling in my name, address, phone number, and social security number on a variety of forms for a variety of purposes...i couldn't tell you what they all were to save my life (and no, i won't give my name, address, phone number, and social security number to you, form or no)...

other than that, the real world felt distinctly like the unreal world, though the prospect that i could theoretically (theoretically, mind you) be at my new job for the rest of my life is a little bit frightening.

had fun with the lil sis this weekend. i recommend you check out the down lo for a quick recap and pictures...the highlights according to emmit:

** seeing the "redneck special" (we did not get a picture, sadly):
lo:"why do you suppose someone from new jersey drives through the balitmore ghetto with four confederate flags on his truck?"
emmit: "to distract attention from his mullet?" (in all fairness to mister r. special, we never actually saw a mullet...however, i have my suspicions that we are not far off...and come on, if he didn't have a mullet, can he truly call himself a redneck?)

** realizing that we are out of touch with popular music:
emmit: "who is this?"
lo: "i don't know."
emmit: "i need to watch more mtv."
lo: "hmmm. i'm not sure that's the answer."

** picking out familiar faces in the museum:
emmit: "that woman looks like someone i know."
lo: gives emmit a disgusted look and quickly shuffles away.

** picking out unfamiliar faces in passersby:
(man goes into store)
emmit: "was that him?"
lo: "no."
(man comes out of store)
emmit: "was that him?"
lo: (looks at man) "nope, still not him."

all in all, a good time bonding (awww, bonding, pet pet)...

Thursday, April 17, 2003

one of these days, i'm gonna get around to playing with my template - you know, spice it up a little...that'll reel 'em in...

okay, so what i was unsucessfully trying to post earlier was a little video clip sent to me (by someone i actually like) which consists of a power point presentation of 9/11 photographs and a song called "have you forgotten" which implies that opposing the war equates with forgetting that 9/11 happened and it sucked...i'm here to tell you that these two things are not equal. if i can eventually figure out how to upload the file (help me bryan!) i will post it for your own viewing...torture.

i highly recommend that you have a receptacle handy in the event that you feel (as i did) the sudden urge to vomit...

on a less political note...did anyone see Friends tonight? can you believe the hype that kiss got and it was only a dream? i'll tell you what...if it weren't my favorite show, and if i didn't have a completely useless encyclopedic knowledge of Friends trivia, i would totally quit watching after that shit...

Wednesday, April 16, 2003

i saw this quote today, and though i am not a particularly religious person, i thought it was appropriate given that this sunday is easter and we have a president who believes that the will of God is war against one person with the end result of killing a whole lot of people.

(of the crucifixion of Jesus) "I don't pretend to understand any of it. Sometimes I think that the suffering of Jesus was not God's will at all. It was, instead, the will of those who were arrayed against him--those whose patriotic values he had offended, whose sense of God he had betrayed."

this quote struck me as being so profound when i think about the war...not that i would equate saddam hussein with Jesus by any means, but the idea that this war is not at all the will of God but rather the will of a president whose "patriotic values" have been offended and whose "sense of God" has been betrayed - i think this is an accurate description of our current military action. the most frightening part is that our president is not only unwilling to see the connection himself, but also completely unwilling to listen to any discourse on the subject. the label of "unpatriotic" has been propagated on anyone who is opposed to this war, and yet the term "patriotic" is completely in the eye of the beholder. and who is Bush to decide what is and is not patriotic? just because he has the money, clout, and name to force his way into the white house does not mean that he has a better understanding of the relationship of a country/government to its people than the average citizen. i dare say that it was never intended that one person get to decide what is "patriotic" - isn't that a defining characteristic of a dictatorship?

Tuesday, April 15, 2003

ok, so i'm relatively new to this whole blog thing. the intro message was actually posted by my brother, who got me all set up with this - lest you think i'm a loser who posts happy birthday messages to myself online. but i have fun reading others, so...

by the way, i highly recommend matt's blog - an insightful friend of my brother's and the first blog i ever started reading.

i just moved into my own apartment in baltimore, and i have to say that so far i love living by myself. not that i ever really disliked any of my roommates...well, that's not entirely true - there were a couple that i would like to "rip my arm off just so i could throw it at her" (a quote from Friends), but for the most part, i've enjoyed those i lived with in the past. but there's really no substitute for doing your own thing whenever you want and however you want. sharing is great, but not sharing is even better! of course, i say all this prior to any of the bills coming...
This is a test post. Happy birthday, and happy blogging, em!