Wednesday, October 29, 2003

sick...and halloween

so the emotional lack of energy has managed to turn itself into actual lack of energy in the form of a killer cold that i can't seem to shake. its going on 5 days now. and it started out relatively benign - a simple sore throat, corrected with water, lozenges (sp?), and sleeping with the humidifier. but it was not to be denied...after plenty of rest and fluids, my sore throat decided it had been short-changed and moved into my nose and chest, causing all kinds of disgusting secretions that the normal human body has the good sense to repress. so here i lay, quite hoarse with a completely non-productive cough just waiting for the clock to show me the time i can take the next dose of medicine out of the sam's club size box next to me. the pinnacle happened today at work...i wanted to give blood (to keep up my every-56-days streak), but was told in quite the patronizing voice "no, you can't donate blood when you have a cold. you'll just have to wait."

and on top of all this, i need to think of a costume. there are plans to go out this weekend to many a halloween party downtown, and my friend insists we all have to dress up. any ideas anyone?

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

desperately seeking a new post...

i've been thinking for days about something to write a new post about. but i can't come up with anything good. everything i think of is either too trite or too personal...some things are best not shared on a blog.

what i can come up with is and psychology are inextricably linked, though i am not sure how. when life is good, and i am happy, i have boundless energy. i go to the gym everyday, my dishes are always done, and i stay up until midnight reading books and the internet. when life sucks (as it has recently), i'm always tired. i go to the gym and drag my ass through the workout, the dishes pile up (as does the laundry), and all i want to do is go to bed every night at 9 pm.

now, i took physics in college...i know the Newton's law "energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only change form". so my question is this - what "form" is psychological energy in? and how are these two things linked scientifically? anyone know?